One Girl’s Mission

A bucket filled with 1000 coloured lollipop sticks, each with the title and year of 1000 different films written on them, each film selected from Edgar Wright’s list of his 1000 favourite movies.

A yellow paged, lined note pad and blue pen waiting to be used and written on.

Both the bucket and the notepad will be the tools I will use in my mission. I want to watch each all 1000 of Edgar Wright’s favourite movies. The after watching I will review them, giving my own personal opinion on the film.

Next I want to hear your opinion, comment on reviews, start a conversation, an online film club of sorts.

The aim is to watch and post about one film per day, some days I may do two while others I may bone none. My overall mission is to watch all 1000 of them, and I hope that you may join me.

C.Clayton .;.


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